Special WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - NY Style Large Cabbie Cartop Signs

Special-Taxi Signs

Excess inventory of Marvin Classic Advertising topper; one of our clients supplied these units to us for modification, but unfortunately, due to a contract dispute between our client and the taxi firm, these units are no longer required. Presently, Marvin's units are the industry standard for Taxi Advertising toppers, and you can buy them from us at a deep discount.

Length 54" ( 137 cm )
Width 17" ( 43 cm )
Height 16" ( 40 cm )
Poster Size 14" x 48" ( 36 cm x 122 cm )

All units are manufactured with a polycarbonate shell. full aluminum base, and are back lit by a fluorescent tube. All signs offered for sale have three 0.1875" holes in the end panels used for mounting the white diamond sign ( optional ). If you do not require the white diamond sign, we will cover the end panels with white translucent vinyl.  

Blank units, standard topper
1- 5 units $ 275
6-9 units $ 250
Over 10 units $ 210

These units are usually screwed into the top of a taxi, but you can also mount with roof racks, straps or magnets. Roof racks and straps can be purchased from any automotive supply store such as Pep Boys or Sears Automotive. If you require magnets, we can provide them as well and they can range in cost from $ 90 to $ 180 depending on the number and quality of magnet required. Please call for shipping rates.  

If you want the diamond signs mounted onto your topper ( diamond signs are LED ), add $ 95 total to the above prices.

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